Xaar’s new ImagineX printhead tech to improve 3D printing

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Xaar has launched its new ImagineX bulk printhead platform which will deliver new product capabilities across industries like additive manufacturing.

Xaar has invested around £70m in R&D in recent years, a sum critical in the development of the ImagineX bulk platform, which the company claims will drive a step change in performance enhancements.

These include printing at resolutions up to 1440dpi and speeds of 150kHz, as well the capability to operate at temperatures over 200ºC and viscosities above 100cP.

Xaar’s new printheads will also be able to handle all ink types, including aqueous, ensuring they meet the latest demands from new applications.

“Our ImagineX bulk printhead platform offers immediate and significant increases to productivity and fidelity, however the most exciting elements for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing are the materials which you can jet,” explained Xaar business development manager Michael Seal.

“By enhancing further the robustness of our products with features such as aqueous compatibility and high temperature capability, users are able to address a new range of applications and functional materials with Xaar technology.

“Combined with our market leading Ultra-high Viscosity and TF Technology, you can now truly unleash the power of inkjet.”


Xaar CEO John Mills, added: “Xaar has led innovation in inkjet technologies over the last 30 years. ImagineX will power this for the next 30 and provide the basis for the next significant chapter in our history, enabling industries and our OEMs to push the boundaries of what’s possible with powerful, reliable and efficient inkjet technology.”

A lot of this strategy is based around strong collaboration with its global partners, which include several industrial 3D printing companies.

“This partnership approach, combined with the expertise of our committed, creative and passionate team of world-class colleagues, will allow us to further demonstrate the huge capabilities of inkjet technology and create a world where if you can imagine it, you can print it. In this way, we will help to transform entire industries,” concluded Mills.

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