SAF Polypropylene

Stratasys and BASF partner on new SAF Polypropylene

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Stratasys has partnered with BASF Forward AM to release its new material, SAF Polypropylene, which has been designed for greater cost efficiency and part quality in Powder Bed Fusion technologies.

SAF Polypropylene is designed for use on the Stratasys H350 printer and will be released to market in the final quarter of 2024.

It is intended for use in a wide range of industries including housing and consumer sports gear due to its lightweight, waterproof nature, and can be used both in prototyping and for product manufacturing.

It can also produce parts with complex geometry such as flexible pipes and orthotic devices and produces mostly defect-free parts regardless of how complex the designs are.

Stratasys says that finishing the material using Dyemansion’s post-production process ensures it is suitable for commercial use.

An automotive speaker grill printed with SAF Prolypropylene on a H350 printer was finished with the VaporFuse Surfacing process using the Powerfuse S PP machine from DyeMansion.

SAF Polypropylene has “superior nesting ability and a total turnaround time of less than 36 hours,” said Neil Hopkinson, vice president of additive manufacturing technology at Stratasys.


“This boosts productivity and cost efficiency, delivering high-quality parts at a lower cost,” he continued.

The consistent quality of SAF PP is exceptional,” added application engineer at Sun Digital Jennifer Govea.

“Its airtight and watertight properties ensure reliable performance across various applications. With SAF PP, we can now bring in a wide array of additive manufacturing benefits to unlimited applications that use PP today in traditional manufacturing,” she said.