Prusa3D adds enclosures for increased AM safety

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Prusa3D has announced the XL and Mini enclosures for their 3D printers, which will enable easier printing with advanced materials due to a stable printing environment.

The enclosures will cover all sides of the printer to create an environment with increased temperatures, and to prevent warping and eliminate drafts.

They will also lower print noise and prevent dust build-up, reducing the frequency of maintenance.

The XL Enclosure can be fully integrated with the printer’s software and can be controlled from the printer’s touchscreen.

It features a built-in advanced filtration system which draws in air from below the printer and passes it out through the HEPA filter.

It also has a post-print filtration setting which runs the filtration for additional time after the printing has finished to filter out extra particles.

It monitors the temperature of the printer, with smart fans and integrated vents ensuring that the printer doesn’t overheat.


Instead of a door, the Enclosure has an upper hatch which gives access to toolheads, and a lower side-release cover to create better airflow and provide access to the entire printing area.

The Mini Enclosure is a scaled-down version of the Original Enclosure and can be expanded through add-ons including an advanced filtration system for the use of materials that produce fine particles.

Other add-ons, including a mechanical lock, an LED strip and a fire suppression system, are ideal for use in schools and universities which have certain safety requirements.

3D-printed add-ons can also be used, and templates are available online to create them.