Prepping for DEVELOP3D Live – 3 weeks to go!

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With our final speaker having just been signed up to be unveiled later this week, we’re storming towards the finishing line and putting the final touches to things like the conference guide.

That’s not to say that we’re slowing down in any way: The April edition of the magazine is nearly completed and will feature a CAM special, with some special manufacturing methods thrown in for good measure, including our DEVELOP3D LIVE speakers Robofold.

Elsewhere this week we’ve slotted in a visit to check out new products for the home at the Ideal Home Show, which shows a world of domestic appliances becoming more connected to each other.

The Seaboard tactile and responsive piano is one of the Designs of the Year

It appears that there’s a reason to connect everything to the internet (shower heads to monitor your water use? Fridges to tell you there’s a slimy lettuce lurking at the back?) and hence why PTC have made a major move to incorporate this into their product design tools.


More token gadgetry was to be found at CU Exposed, where we looked over some of the wares Computers Unlimited are selling – some technology driven to get the best from your workspace, some simply great to have in the home.

Hopefully we’ll be bringing you a few features from some of the products on show there soon.

Finally we took in some more design inspiration from the launch of the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year exhibition, launched today.

Always contentious – even museum director Deyan Sudjic admitted that not everything is to everyone’s taste – this year we saw a few things we’ve featured in the magazine, such as Bare Conductive and Chair4Life, and a few things caught our eye like the Seaboard tactile piano and the lifesaving ABC Syringe which changes colour once used.

The ABC Syringe, changes colour once used to avoid the reuse of possibly deadly medical syringes

It’s worth popping into if you’re down by the Thames in the next few weeks – which also allows you to check out Barber & Osgerby’s excellent In The Making exhibition, showing objects in different periods of manufacture, and Hello My Name Is Paul Smith, a sprawling gallery dedicated to the man, his work and his design process.

We’re hoping to stir-up some similar emotions with a few of this year’s talks at DEVELOP3D LIVE – most interestingly is the conference stream around making stuff. 3D printing is obviously represented rather well, but we also have Robofold doing amazing robot origami, and TechShop launching its UK workshops that anyone can use via a gym-style membership to get hands on with real tools for all kinds of creative jobs.

It’s three weeks to go – hold on to your hats folks!

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