Circuits might never be the same again as Nano Dimension unveils DragonFly 2020 3D Printer

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Nano Dimension has finally launched its larger form factor 3D printer for the rapid prototyping of electronics, which is great news for the fight against the the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) bottleneck for prototypes.

The larger DragonFly 2020 Pro replaces the desktop-sized model that many will be familiar with seeing since the company’s launch in 2012, since then the company has raised millions in funding and appointed former 3D Systems CEO Avi Reichental to its board of directors during a shake up earlier this year.

The DragonFly 2020 Pro prints high resolution ‘trace and space’ with an inkjet deposition system, allowing it to construct a full range of multilayer PCB features – including interconnections such as buried vias and plated through-holes.

Nano Dimension has also developed a range of materials, including oxidation resistant nano-copper particle process to improve its 3D printed circuitry.

The technology in house allows prototyping labs to produce quick PCB prototypes for antennas, experimental electronic circuits and more, allowing for faster revisions and more creative board designs.

Importantly, this also helps keep sensitive and proprietary design information in-house while developing.


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