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MakerBot CloudPrint targets 3D Printing collaboration

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MakerBot CloudPrint has been launched, as the 3D printing company looks to help remote teams prepare, queue, monitor and manage 3D print jobs.

MakerBot CloudPrint is a centralised cloud application, working within the browser on any device, with familiar features to MakerBot Print, and is capable of scaling regardless of how many 3D printers you have running, or their location.

The new workflow software has been designed to overcome common challenges associated with 3D printing, such as optimising utilisation, managing print jobs, and collaborating with team members.

MakerBot claims CloudPrint provides a ‘faster and more advanced’ print preparation and management solution to enable users to be more productive.

The software’s dashboard provides a centralised location to track and view prints directly from the browser, while it is also able to generate reports to analyse the performance of printers.

Users can slice and prepare their 3D prints directly from their browser, allowing them to optimise print modes including advanced settings on the MakerBot Method platform, such as custom or experimental print profiles.

MakerBot CloudPrint looks to reduce the time-consuming process of printer maintenance with remote control access for automated material handling, build plate levelling, extruder calibration, and more.


A live camera feeds also provides status updates on print jobs from connected printers.

Permissions can be managed remotely, while print jobs can be prioritised by project or reordered based on shifting priorities, letting teams easily share access to connected MakerBot 3D printers even when working remotely.

MakerBot CloudPrint is also integrated with Google products, allowing users to access MakerBot applications with familiar tools.

MakerBot CloudPrint User Interface
The CloudPrint UI will be familiar to those used to MakerBot’s existing print software

Currently offered free to use, MakerBot CloudPrint is planned to be updated in the future to ensure users have access to the latest features.

“We are experiencing a global phenomenon with more people working remotely than ever before,” said MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen. “Without the right tools, this can lead to a disruption in work and, ultimately, a decrease in performance.

“We believe that MakerBot CloudPrint is an ideal solution for individual or team collaboration from anywhere.”

The CloudPrint software is compatible with MakerBot’s 3D printing solutions, including the Method and Replicator 3D printer series.

MakerBot has plans to release additional features in the near future, including advanced reporting features, improved print job queuing and organisation, custom print modes, per layer preview improvements, and improved printer monitoring.

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