Surf’s up at the Dock – a design to save surfer energy

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Surf magazine Stab has teamed up with clothing brand Volcom to launch a 100ft pontoon anchored off the coast of Bali, with the design creating a new wave of surfing, where the athlete can wait for the perfect wave, rather than constantly paddling.

It reportedly weighs half a ton, so launching off the big grey unit – known as The Dock – can be perilous, but the results are often worth the risk as the video below shows.

It’s a simple design, with an underwater A-frame peak anchoring the pontoon, stopping it from becoming a runaway vehicle, but allowing it the freedom to move snake-like with the waves, making for some fun, tricky and downright crazy drops onto towering waves.
For those of you trapped at desks on a day like today, sit back and soak up the sun, and dream of the waves.

The Dock from STAB on Vimeo.


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