EOS expands AM portfolio

EOS expands its metal AM materials portfolio

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EOS has announced the expansion of its metal AM portfolio, with the addition of four TRL3 Core materials: two stainless steels, one tool steel and one new nickel alloy.

EOS StainlessSteel 254 is an austenitic stainless steel that should come with a 40/60 µm process for the EOS M 290 system.

EOS expands AM portfolio with stainlessteel 254
EOS StainlessSteel 254 austhenitic 3D printing material features excellent corrosion resistance

The high chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen alloying should give excellent corrosion resistance in many difficult environments.

EOS said the material has an excellent stress corrosion cracking and higher strength compared to conventional austenitic steel, as well as excellent resistance to uniform, pitting and crevice corrosion.

The material is particularly suited for applications such as chlorinated seawater handling equipment, pulp, and paper manufacturing devices as well as chemical handling equipment.

The second addition to EOS AM portfolio is EOS StainlessSteel SuperDuplex, which should come with a 40/80 µm process for the EOS M 290 system.

EOS expand AM portfolio with stainlesssteel superduplex
EOS StainlessSteel SuperDuplex shows excellent resistance to uniform, pitting and crevice corrosion

This is an austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel optimised for additive manufacturing while maintaining super duplex properties.


EOS said this material also shows excellent resistance to uniform, pitting and crevice corrosion, and it enables high strength together with high corrosion resistance.

According to EOS, the material is particularly suited for applications in the oil and gas industry, in pulp and paper manufacturing devices and for mining and offshore equipment.

For elevated temperatures, EOS has also introduced ToolSteel CM55, which should come with a 40/80 µm process for the EOS M 290 system, and be a cobalt-free, ultra-high strength, and high hardness steel for tooling and engineering solutions.

EOS expands AM portfolio with demopart eostoolsteel
EOS ToolSteel CM55 is particularly suitable for demanding applications and for the use in elevated temperatures

Its alloying elements and moderate carbon content should make it particularly suitable for demanding applications and for the use in elevated temperatures, such as cold and hot working tools, powertrain components and parts for mechanical engineering.

Also suitable for elevated temperatures is EOS NickelAlloy Haynes 282, a precipitation strengthened nickel-base superalloy with a combination of high temperature strength, thermal stability, good corrosion, and oxidation resistance and excellent weldability.

EOS expands its AM portfolio with nickelalloy haynes 282
EOS NickelAlloy Haynes 282 is suitable for elevated temperatures and is under license from Haynes International Inc

It was developed by EOS for high temperature structural applications and is manufactured under license from Haynes International Inc.

Typical applications should range from aerospace and rocket engine components to turbomachinery and gas turbine parts, and to energy industry components.

EOS said its approach is unique in the AM industry, because it takes each of the three central technical elements of the production process into account: the system, the material, and the process.

The data resulting from each combination is assigned a Technology Readiness Level, which should make the expected performance and production capability of the solution transparent.

“Material development is always driven by customer demand and very often is the result of a close customer cooperation,” said EOS SVP BU metal materials Sascha Rudolph.

“These four new metal materials were designed and optimised specifically to the needs of additive manufacturing. We are increasing application opportunities for demanding industries by bringing AM tailored alloys to our customers.”

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