Cloud Factory 3D printed jewellery

Cloud Factory launches 3D printing technology for jewellery

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Cloud Factory, has announced it has raised £1.7M for its direct metal 3D printing technology to manufacture sustainable jewellery and develop its online jewellery platform.

The Estonian-founded software development company said it will use the investment, raised in a seed round led by Change Ventures, to increase its manufacturing capacities and further develop its online platform for jewellery creation to meet the demand of the fashion and accessories industry.

By introducing green tech to the jewellery industry, Cloud Factory defined itself as the first zero-waste jewellery factory in the world using resource-efficient 3D printing technology.

The company claimed only natural and sustainable materials and 100% recycled precious metals are used in the process of making the 3D printed jewellery, and that it is adopting an on-demand manufacturing model.

Cloud Factory aims to help musicians, brands, and celebrities create their own branded jewellery merchandise through a fully managed service that offers concept building, manufacturing, branded packaging, and drop-shipping.

Its production method uses direct metal 3D printing which should minimise the usual production cost and time to produce fine-quality jewellery.

Cloud Factory said that thanks to its new technology, making an entirely new jewellery piece is as easy as printing a logo, and brands can effortlessly level up their merchandising portfolio by adding new jewellery designs.


The services that Cloud Factory provides, such as developing design ideas, and dealing with pre-orders and inventory, aim to give creative artists and celebrities the freedom to spend their time developing their work and brand.

The flexible 3D printing process was designed to allow clients to launch products quickly and adjust merchandising selections according to new content or fast-changing trends and give fans a wider, and more exclusive, choice of memorabilia beyond the standard t-shirts, key rings and mugs.

Cloud Factory said the team is currently creating high-quality fine jewellery for international merchandising partners, including direct-to-fans crowd-selling platform Represent, and Europe’s leading provider of alternative merchandise EMP, as well as several jewellery brands and individual celebrities such as Coryxkenshin, Mark Tuan and Alan Walker.

“Currently there is no other company in the world offering the same manufacturing model as the one we’ve developed,” said Could Factory COO Kati Kask.

“Our unique in-house printing processes, and post-production operations, enables us to use metal 3D printing for volume manufacturing of high-quality jewellery products in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. We are bringing a new dimension to an often outdated sector by simplifying the processes of creating and launching personal jewellery products.”

Cloud Factory is digitalising fine jewellery creation as it aims to build a manufacturing network of fully automated on-demand printing hubs around the globe that offer fast, affordable sustainable and local service for celebrities and e-commerce brands.

The company is also working towards launching its first jewellery NFTs in collaboration with several global celebrities to bridge between digital and tangible jewellery products.

“We are really excited to live in the era of the metaverse and we are able to bring a really old and traditional industry into this game by producing both physical products and NFTs of the exquisite jewellery for leading brands and celebrities,” added Cloud Factory CEO Taavi Kikas.

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