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Carbon launches next gen 3D printers: introducing Carbon M3 and M3 Max

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The Carbon M3 3D printer has been announced, with the company stating that the latest version of its M-Series will offer faster build times and improved surface finish.

The Californian digital manufacturing company is rolling out a new evolution of its Digital Light System (DLS) platform with two models: M3 and M3 Max.

Both machines have been designed for faster, more intuitive 3D printing, with an upgraded heat management system allowing the printers to deliver more throughput per square foot in thermally limited scenarios. The M3 offers an increased build envelope over the M2 at 189 x 118 x 326mm, combined with a higher resolution.

The Carbon M3 Max has a 307 x 163 x 326mm build area, and features a new 4K light engine that allows for the same pixel size and density across this area as compared to the basic model.

Carbon says that the M3 series outperforms prior generations with early testing spouting figures of 2.5x faster build speeds, around a 1.4 μm reduction in surface roughness as measured by Ra, and a reduction in part variation across a single build by 50 per cent. Of course, this is all dependent on material choices and print parameters.

“We believe this new generation of Carbon DLS technology will empower more collaboration and help to revolutionise how products are designed and made,” said Phil DeSimone, chief product and business development officer at Carbon.

“This is not just about the new product,” he went on. “This is about enhancing the product development lifecycle from idea to production on a single platform, that gives creators software, hardware, materials and expertise needed to bring those products forward in less time.”


Carbon states that its updated DLS technology creates approximately 40 per cent lower forces on the part and introduces closed loop control of force and temperature, which it says can help reduce failures that would require additional printing.

What’s also innovative is the broader design space which allows to make parts that were impossible to produce with prior generations machines, such as elastomeric parts or parts with features most sensitive to high forces.

Finally, the M3 series is the first Carbon 3D printer that can be self-installed by customers, said De Simone, “and is designed to be installed in hours, with the ability to relocate the printer within a facility as customers see fit, which is one of the major advantages of it.”

Carbon were coy to say the least when asked about pricing, instead saying that they want interested companies to “come and talk to us”, although the subscription set-up of previous Carbon models will remain.

The M3 printer is now available for order and shipping while M3 Max will be shipped in Q3 2022.

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