Mobile VR Station XTAL NovBox

New Mobile VR Station – XTAL NovBox – from VRgineers

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The XTAL NovBox – a Mobile VR Station that combines the VRgineers XTAL 8K 180° VR headset inside a NovBox military grade secure suitcase that includes a fully equipped high-end VR station – has been launched.

The Mobile VR Station setup neatly packages all the required hardware, including an Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti or Quadro RTX 8000 GPU, Intel i7 9700K or i9 9900K CPU, up to 4 TB SSD M2 and 64 GB DDR4.

Within the IP67-certified Novbox PC suitcase, there’s also an integrated monitor in the lid, and a keyboard with trackpad.

The combination of the technologies creates a product that brings the benefits of virtual reality to situations in which standard computer equipment cannot be used due to high transport requirements.

An ideal example is presenting a project across military bases.

This XTAL NovBox will also likely appeal to customers between content creators who are required to travel around the world to showcase and present their VR software, while using the full performance of a desktop PC in a convenient package.

“The VR world has long awaited a product which incorporates elements of a high-quality VR headset and a powerful, tough and portable computing device,” said VRgineers CEO Marek Polčák.


“The full performance of a desktop PC in an IP protected casing including display offers incredible convenience for deployment in any challenging environment.

“From presentations at trade shows to training near the battlefield. With the latest Nvidia RTX graphic cards included in the packaging, XTAL NovBox is a unique offering.”

NovBox CEO Jean-Frédéric added that its clients are constantly looking for ‘the best of breed’ technologies for its Mobile VR Stations, and that there is no standard offering in VR.

“Demand requires us to go the extra mile and at times offer bespoke solutions. With XTAL NovBox we are offering the latest Nvidia RTX graphic cards with VirtualLink which combines flawlessly with the XTAL headset for our standard international clients.”

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