Siemens acquires Lightwork Design to deliver advanced 3D data visualisation

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Lightworks Design and its I-Ray rendering expertise has been acquired by Siemens PLM

The advanced visualisation, rendering and VR offered by Siemens PLM’s latest acquisition is set to increase the ‘accuracy of the digital twin’, claims its CEO Tony Hemmelgarn.

Sheffield-based Lightwork Design has been at the forefront of promoting the importance of Iray+ technology across different industries and building strategic partnerships – all of which has been combined into the heavy arsenal that is Siemens’ existing PLM Components business.

“The visualisation and virtual reality space is continually changing and growing, and Lightwork Design has the advanced 3D data visualization, rendering and virtual reality technology required to help keep us in the forefront of the marketplace,” said Hemmelgarn.
“The demand for high-end, interactive and consistent product visualisation in design and manufacturing is growing quickly,” said Lightwork Design CEO David Forrester.

“Combining our Iray+ technology and virtual reality collaborative design review software with Siemens PLM Software’s business will enable us to provide world-class solutions to the design and manufacturing industry on an even larger scale.

Siemens adds that the acquisition expands its ‘open business’ strategy and commitment to continue to provide software toolkits for 3D data pre-processing for visualisation, rendering and virtual reality – where using more realistic imagery, simulations and VR environments can help customers identify and address potential product problems early in the lifecycle, saving both time and cost.


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