One (fairly) careful owner: Restored fighter jets now ‘highly collectable’

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For those looking for a new weekend ‘project’ a jet fighter might be worth considering

A rare and rather fantastic piece of RAF history has been painstakingly restored and rebuilt over the last 16 months to bring it back to its former glory, and is now going up for sale thanks to Jet Art Aviation.

This Tornado fighter jet has been finished and specced almost identically to when it last served, the Panavia Tornado GR1 ZA355 includes two Martin Baker MK10A ejection seats, a head up display, and a cockpit that is largely intact, despite the being no longer airworthy.

Now a very large garden ornament, to sit among the garden gnomes and other ‘collectors pieces’, it is likely to be one of only a few times a RAF Tornado is offered for sale.

“We are finding that investors, building up private collections, see the benefit of adding aircraft to their financial investment portfolio,” said Jet Art managing director Chris Wilson.

“Rare and historic military aircraft statistically increase in value fairly sharply and, in post-recession times, those who can are investing in ex-military aircraft as a modern alternative to stocks and shares.”


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