HDR Light Studio Unreal Engine Plugin

HDR Light Studio gets new linkup with Unreal Engine 5

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, HDR Light Studio now has a new plug-in linking to Unreal Engine 5 that allows users to light any scene in the visualisation software with a comprehensive suite of lighting tools.

Developed by Lightmap, the HDR Light Studio Unreal Connection Plug-in is an efficient lighting workflow for working with Unreal Engine, allowing users to very precisely position lights within the interactive SkyLight HDRI and in 3D for full studio quality renders.

Once the plug-in is opened in a live link with Unreal, the Unreal rendered viewport is then streamed into HDR Light Studio’s interface. Users can concentrate on lighting the shot inside the HDR Light Studio interface with the tools and content needed while the lighting is synced in real-time with Unreal, using standard environment and rect lights. The HDR Light Studio project data is also synced and embedded in the Unreal project file.

In addition to the key features, HDR Light Studio 8 will add the following features to the new plug-in:

Scrim Lights – Replicate the scrim lighting techniques used by studio photographers

Composite Lights – Group lights, mask lights, and more

Procedural Sky – Plus add cloud presets for added realism


Light Looks – Save, compare, duplicate, and edit multiple lighting designs in a single HDR Light Studio project

Filters – Diffusion Blur, Motion Blur, and Advanced Motion Blur effects.

Portable Lighting Designs – Save your HDR Light Studio lighting projects and load them into any supported 3D software; the lighting will match perfectly.

The plug-in is compatible with HDR Light Studio 8.1.1 and higher (Windows only) and requires an HDR Light Studio Automotive license. It will not work with an Indie or Pro license.

Existing customers using HDR Light Studio Automotive licenses can download and use the Unreal Engine plug-in straight away. Click here for a full list of existing plugins.