Luminary Cloud licenses Siemens’ kernel for cloud-based Realtime Engineering

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Luminary Cloud, a new cloud-native Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) platform has licensed Siemens’ Parasolid software to enable its ‘Realtime Engineering’ software.

Embedding Parasolid will enable Luminary Cloud to access and manipulate native CAD models from the large 3D data ecosystem, providing a reliable path to optimising the user’s design.

Luminary Cloud has developed Realtime Engineering to deliver faster engineering cycles and faster insights. From its initial concept, Luminary Cloud’s design principles have called for the highest functioning CAD and meshing, and native geometry support is the key to those capabilities. In this collaboration, Luminary offers users the flexibility to integrate CAD and meshing for a highly articulated product.

“We’re pleased to adopt the leading open 3D modeling technology from one of the giants of this industry,” said Luminary Cloud director of engineering Srini Arunajatesan. “Siemens’ Parasolid enhances our platform and makes it that much more attractive to our mutual customers. We’re all about accuracy, speed and interoperability, and Siemens’ openly shared modeling technology helps us get there.”

“Luminary Cloud is an exciting new player in CAE and we’re committed to Parasolid enacting interoperability for their end-users,” added Bob Haubrock, senior VP Product Engineering Software, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “While we deliver end-to-end solutions, we acknowledge that third parties are sometimes integral to the customer’s requirements.

“Sharing Parasolid underpins our philosophy of openness that satisfies the need of customers for truly integrated solutions, while setting us apart from other software vendors who claim to be open yet lock their customers into specific platforms/solutions.”

Developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software, the Parasolid geometric modelling kernel is embedded in leading CAD applications, including Siemens’ own NX and Solid Edge software, while offering Luminary Cloud users full 3D model compatibility across 350+ Parasolid-based software applications.