Tom Lawton Uplift 2.0 product shot

Uplift 2.0 – A spiral sculpture to soothe the soul

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As we finish the week early for the Bank Holiday long weekend, we’re in need of some relaxation after what seems like months of stress [checks calendar to see it’s only been a couple of weeks].

So what better than this spiralling kinetic sculpture powered by the sun, made to help users unwind as well as making use of waste fishing nets.

It has been designed by an award-winning British designer Tom Lawton, who was also scheduled to be one of our keynote speakers at DEVELOP3D LIVE next week, until Covid-19 struck and we had to reschedule.

Thankfully Tom will still be joining us on 3 November for DEVELOP3D LIVE, and in the meantime has launched Uplift 2.0 into the crowdfunding arena, where it is going down a storm.

Its speed is tethered at a relaxing 40 revolutions per minute but also subtly responds to variations in the sun’s power.

Made to last a lifetime, the mechanism can turn freely in either direction with its course being directed with the included magnet.Its beauty goes beyond its looks: The spiral is made completely from waste fishing nets which once processed produces a beautiful aquamarine material.


The project has already recycled around 15 industrial nets that would have otherwise gone into landfill.

A saving of 9.079 tons CO2-eq vs using virgin nylon, it’s a great example of a small product that through clever material choices is still capable of making a big difference to the environment.

Uplift 2.0 creates a mesmerising, never-ending spiral that inspires you to unwind, as it gracefully turns the sun’s power into a hypnotic flowing motion.

“Our mission is to lift the spirits of a stressed out world,” says Lawton, “So we make products that are good for our minds and good for our planet.”

We couldn’t agree more.

We’ll have more from Tom Lawton, Uplift and his many other designs later in the year and at DEVELOP3D LIVE, but for now – find your own piece of calm this weekend and keep yourselves and those nearby safe.

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