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The Riobel Parabola parable

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The Riobel Parabola collection was inspired by geometry and unique angles that puts it on another plane when compared to other bathroom fittings.

Now part of the House of Rohl umbrella of brassware brands that take advantage of modern plumbing and engineering methods, the Canadian brand’s range of faucets have been designed to bring a thoroughly modern air to bathroom designs, fusing European and North American styles for its brassware.

As the name suggests, the new Riobel range takes the parabola geometric angle as its direct reference, blending a parabolic form with a chamfered, circular body to create a bold and distinctive design.

Like for all Riobel products, the design team began the design process with concepts sketches at its headquarters in Quebec, Canada.


After evaluation and refinement, the designers move the forms into PTC Creo, further adjustments are made. Once the basic form is agreed, the internal engineering of the tap then begins to be developed.

Riobel’s designers say that by producing 3D Printed models of the Parabola range helped reduce the development time, both in achieving the form of the tap, and developing the internal profile.


Fully working prototypes are then produced to further refine the form and to physically test the design for mains water pressure and how it flows. Riobel’s designers say that while some computer simulation can be used, to develop a reliable tap there is no substitute for testing with real water.

Final pre-production versions were then cast in brass and finished with the matte black coating for final approval, before the product development flowed seamlessly into manufacture.

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