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Global Grad Show takes centre stage in 2020

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Global Grad Show, an initiative by the Art Dubai Group, has opened its virtual doors – showcasing ‘100 ideas to change the world’ with UK design students making up nearly a quarter of featured projects.

A diabetes monitoring earring; a London Underground air pollution solution; an alternative to Styrofoam made of food waste; a Sudden Infant Death Syndrome prevention device; a skin patch that monitors nutrition data and ‘superworms’ that convert plastic into organic matter, feature.

The interactive online exhibition has been organised around five key emerging trends that were identified from the 1,600 applications from 270 universities in 60 countries.

Tadeu Baldani Caravieri, director of Global Grad Show, said: “The diversity of the community of young talented researchers we bring together at Global Grad Show has many facets: they span across six continents, institutions from Ivy League to regional colleges and disciplines from bioengineering through to architecture.

“They do have however, a reassuring common denominator: they investigate problems, social and environmental, that matter for everyone.

“Today we present 100 projects that are, in essence, alternatives and remedies put forward by our global community of graduates whose ambition is to create a future-ready world.”

Launched in 2015 as an exhibition of impact-driven designs from 10 universities, Global Grad Show has grown its network and reputation exponentially, currently engaging academics in over 60 countries and 300 institutions, in fields ranging from biomedical engineering to urban design, through to data sciences and interactive medias.


Global Grad Show UK Entries


  • A food shopping innovation that allows people to maintain a well-balanced diet, Royal College of Art (RCA)
  • A wearable device to purify the air on underground train networks, RCA
  • Technology that uses electrostatics to capture the dangerous, minute particles from wearing car tyres, RCA and Imperial College London
  • A protective wearable which are modelled on animals’ scales to rehabilitate from joint injuries & prevent them, Imperial College London
  • Creating an alternative, lean source of edible protein from waste chicken feathers, Central St Martins
  • Water management technology and moisture sensor system for farmers, Imperial College London
  • Sustainable kelp bricks that can be used for environmentally friendly construction, Imperial College London
  • A biodegradable, sustainable film to improve small hold farming methods, RCA
  • A flat pack air purifier which lowers pollution for very young children, Nottingham Trent University
  • A new toy that helps kids with diabetes get used to their treatment, Nottingham Trent University
  • An under-pillow emergency alarm for the deaf, Loughborough University
  • A revolutionary artificial pancreas to improve the diabetes self-care experience, Coventry University
  • A Water Purification device, Staffordshire University
  • A non-invasive blood glucose monitor to manage type 1 diabetes, University of Huddersfield
  • A hydration solution in emergencies, Bournemouth University


  • An earpiece that predicts epilepsy attacks, University of Glasgow
  • A footwear & stimulation belt that anticipates & prevents Parkinson’s sufferers from falls, University of Glasgow/Glasgow School of Art
  • The exchanging of plastic waste for financial credit via a stock market for plastic, Glasgow School of Art
  • A moss panels ecosystem to help keep track of your good environmental deeds , Edinburgh Napier


  • A sudden Infant Death Syndrome prevention device, Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Technology to help children understand and deal with medical procedures, University of Wales Trinity St David/Swansea School of Art

The Global Grad Show programme’s year-round activations, support graduates and professors through three angles: international exposure, knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship.

In 2019, A.R.M. Holding pledged an AED 10 million 10-year fund to support talents from the programme with seed capital to advance their development.

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