Prime Cuts: The future of Fusion

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Recently we were the esteemed guests of motoring giants Ford on its home turf – motor city itself – Detroit, for the North American International Automotive Show (NAIAS) and launch of the new Fusion.

To us Europeans this is the future of the much loved Mondeo.

Although we might have been worried about Ford’s latest initiative of a ‘global design vision’, ending the process of designing and manufacturing different vehicles for different countries and forming a common design language and process base across all continents, we have nothing to fear.

The new Fusion/Mondeo has some great styling, particularly in the front third, keeping a European edge thanks in part to the input of its UK design offices, and the influence of its British creatives, chief designer Adrian Whittle, and external designer Chris Hamilton.

Getting off the nationalistic podium, the world headquarters in Henry Ford’s hometown of Dearborn, MI, was a marvel to look around, and next week we’ll attempt to tell you more about behind the scenes of one of the world’s most incredible research and design offices.


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