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Xencelabs sketch tool family grows with Pen Tablet Small

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Xencelabs has further expanded its product line with the Pen Tablet Small, a digital sketch pad that is around two-thirds the size of Xencelabs’ Medium version.

The more compact Pen Tablet Small is likely to appeal to those that want increased portability – buoyed by the increased flexibility in working from home and the office – while still needing a professional piece of hardware that allows customisation, ergonomics, intuitive use and compatibility with a range of devices and operating systems.

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Additionally, the smaller form will likely appeal to designers with a smaller drawing stroke (from the wrist with less arm movement), limited desk space or a computer screen size smaller than 20 inches, for which the tablet’s mapping ratio is sufficient for precision and Xencelabs says provides a good screen-to-tablet ratio for drawing strokes.

“Our approach in developing Pen Tablet Small was the same as it’s been since the day our company launched,” said Xencelabs marketing manager Alexa Matteri.

“We will continue to design tablets that creatives can adapt to their needs and physical preferences. Artists all have their unique preferences and physical characteristics. Pen Tablet Small is all about choice and flexibility.”

All the lights on the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small can be dimmed or turned off, and corner lights can be assigned different colours and tied to the application in use – useful reminders for users that settings may have changed when they change applications.


The tablet comes with a travel case and works with the Xencelabs Quick Keys remote control.

The Xencelabs Pen Tablet Small standard version is available from $199.99, with the Quick Keys remote control option able to be purchased separately for $89.95.

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