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Ti Chang, Crave Innovations

It’s hard to believe that DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston is only in its third year. As soon as one event is over, the next is being planned. As sister show to DEVELOP3D LIVE in the UK, our US event provides a mid-year opportunity for updates from the industry on the very latest developments.

Boston is the heart of the US product development community. It’s home to SolidWorks, PTC, Onshape, SpaceClaim, Markforged, Formlabs, Desktop Metal Rize 3D and Autodesk’s AEC division, to name but a few.

On any visit to Boston, the positivity is truly infectious, thanks to the city’s focus on innovation and development and its thriving start-up culture. DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston packages that up and brings it to the stage, as we invite the best industry and customer speakers for one day of presentations and networking.

This year, our main stage will host a mix of talented designers, such as Ti Chang from San Francisco-based sex toys company Crave, our June 2018 cover star. She’ll talk about the company’s innovative approach to product design and engineering.

We’ll also hear about new innovations in supply chains and 3D print processes from Mike Geyer of Fictiv and representatives of some of the key software vendors in this field, Autodesk, SolidWorks, PTC and Onshape, who will talk us through what they’re developing next.


DEVELOP3D LIVE is intended as a place to come for a day to get inspired and to gauge the design technology landscape, to meet like-minded designers, talk to the tools providers and see new processes and capabilities. The only other global event that invites all the key competitors on stage for back to back comparison is, of course, our very own DEVELOP3D LIVE UK.

The Additive track is a veritable ‘who’s who’ in the world of 3D print, combined with analytical tools and metals technologies. We also showcase customers who are pushing the boundaries of print to manufacture, to create everything from medical devices to key components of Winter Olympic equipment. Where else are you likely to meet Jon Owen, former Olympian and now technical projects director of Team USA Luge?

Please join us on October 2 for DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston, at George Sherman Union, Boston University, for a day you will never forget.

Tickets for DEVELOP3D LIVE Boston are available for $50. The price includes full access to the conference and exhibition, as well as tea, coffee and food throughout the day and drinks at the networking event.

We do our best to capture the talks that we host at DEVELOP3D LIVE and, with the kind permission of speakers, publish these talks online. The past seven years of talks across our UK and US events can be watched on the DEVELOP3D LIVE website

We highly recommend watching last year’s keynote, Mouse McCoy from HackRod (pictured below), who’s 3D printing an optimised car chassis in metal. We think he will revolutionise car design and manufacture.

Mouse McCoy from HackRod

Ti Chang – Crave Innovations

We’ve been trying to get Ti Chang to speak at DEVELOP3D LIVE for years and this year we finally managed it.

Chang is a San Francisco-based industrial designer and serial entrepreneur specialising in the design of discreet luxury sex toys for women.

She’s won numerous awards including Red Dot, IDEA and Good Design. Her previous company INCOQNITO was acquired by CRAVE and before that, she worked at major consumer brands Trek Bicycle and Goody Products.

Ti holds a MA in Design Products from Royal College of Art in London and a BS in Industrial Design from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Danielle Applestone – Daughters of Rosie

Daughters of Rosie works with manufacturers who want to hire women to fill the huge labour shortage the US currently faces, by setting up women-only training programmes, covering advanced manufacturing, electronics and IT.

She was previously co-founder and CEO of Other Machine Co (now Bantam Tools), a Berkeley, California based manufacturer of desktop CNC machines.

She holds a B.S. in chemical engineering from MIT and a PhD in materials science and engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Evan Kuester – 3D Systems

3D printing’s impact on the design and production of prostheses and assistive devices to suit the needs of individual patients continues to grow.

Kuester will explore the history behind this development and give attendees a full rundown on the latest processes, print strategies and materials.

He has worked on a number of notable prostheses projects and has designed an affordable custom prosthetic arm for children with E-nable, Limbitless Solutions, and Intel – Experience Amazing.

Jing Bi – Dasault Systèmes

Jing Bi works at Dassault Systèmes SIMULIA and is a specialist in additive manufacturing and materials.

She’ll take a look at the technologies that could help overcome current problems in the 3D print process, such as part distortions, residual stress and microstructure defects.

Starting with generative designs, optimising topology and the constraints of current technologies, Bi will also talk about thermomechanical analysis and a variety of complex physics predictions.

Joe Inkenbrandt – Identify 3D

Identify3D is dedicated to protecting digital integrity from conception to manufacturing. Inkenbrandt will assess how distributed digital manufacturing and supply chains work, identifying where cybersecurity vulnerabilities emerge.

He’ll address the security challenges associated with new manufacturing technologies.

His vision is to draw on methods of digital content management from mature industries and adapt them to digital manufacturing worldwide.

Jeremy Luchini – Luchini Design

If you like car design, digital modelling, prototyping, and cool manufacturing, then this is the talk for you.

Rated ‘L’ for Loud, Luchini’s presentation will be packed with stimulating visuals and technical insights and feature several of his exciting vehicle projects currently underway in New England.

Luchini has created supercar body designs for Factory Five Racing, aerodynamic exteriors for Volvo/Haulmark Motorcoach and battery-electric components for Telefunken Porsche/Tesla Motorsports.

Andreas Bastian – Autodesk


Currently a principal research scientist at Autodesk, Bastian studies both novel and established additive manufacturing technologies.

He has been deeply involved in explorations of 3D printed assistive technology and prosthetics and currently serves on the board of directors at LimbForge.

He has conducted research in fused deposition modelling (FDM) technology as lead R&D engineer at Makerbot Industries and developed low-cost selective laser sintering technology (SLS).

Duncan McCallum – Digital Alloys


MCCallum is an experienced CEO and investor, with over two decades of success launching and leading new ventures.

During that time, he has co-founded, built and sold two companies: Cilk Arts and VeloBit.

He will talk about Joule Printing, a technology that aims to overcome many of the key problems with today’s 3D printers: high production costs, slow printing speeds, quality issues, the use of dangerous materials, specialised hardware, and multiple complex finishing steps, chemical baths and furnaces.

Jon Owen – Team USA Luge

There’s nothing quite like hurtling down a tube of ice at speeds in excess of 80mph. We’re honoured to have former Olympian and Technical Projects Director of Team USA Luge, Jon Owen at our event.

Luge racing is a demanding sport, in which fractions of a second can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Riders depend on comfortable, aerodynamic custom-built sled designs in order to win races. Learn how additive manufacturing solutions are being put to the test in the creation, production and testing of this competitive racing gear.

Suchit Jain – VP Strategy & Business Dev | M&A | Startup Advocate | Mentor Solidworks

Industry veteran, Jain, oversees SolidWorks’ Corporate strategy, Alliances, User Advocacy and new technology acquisition.

At DEVELOP3D Live Boston he will look at how manufacturers and engineers achieve ‘Gap-to-Zero’ distance between design and making. This session paints a future where design software speaks the language of additive manufacturing for 3D printing.

See also how the uprising of AR/VR technologies is helping achieve Gap-to-Zero by providing new multi-sensory environment to improve design and making.

There will be examples which illustrates how these new process techniques, tools, and design interfaces create innovation in model generation and intelligent machines.

Mike Geyer – Director, Business Development Fictiv

We have known Geyer for a long time, having worked for Autodesk for over 16 years in the manufacturing division.

Now he has Fictiv, which aims to help firms get the most from distributed manufacturing and bringing supply closer to demand.

In his talk Geyer is going to look at how existing supply chains are massively changing with new technology, processes and attitudes.

Dr. Masha V. Petrova – Product Marketing ANSYS

Last year Ansys blew away delegates with real time simulation.

This year we are lucky to have Dr. Masha Petrova, aerospace engineer, developer, entrepreneur and consultant, to demonstrate the company’s work on additive manufacturing simulation tools to assist users efficiently set up builds, simulate best part orientation, and automatically generate physics-based support structures.

Learn how engineers and scientists can execute parametric studies and accelerate validation studies for metal print process and material development with insight into phase transformation, full thermal history, simulation of sensor outputs, meltpool characteristics, porosity and microstructure.

David Benhaim -CTO Markforged

Boston giants of the 3D printer world, Markforged are back.

We are excited to welcome CTO, David Benhaim, mechanical engineer, Lego fan and lover of robots.

Benhaim will explore some of the differences between hardware and software engineering development processes, what recent changes in technology unlocks right now, what will likely be unlocked, and what we can learn from each other as we continue to build more advanced technology.

Jon Hirschtick – Founder and Chairman of the Board Onshape

What is there to say about the legend that is Jon Hirschtick? He’s was the founder of SolidWorks, serial investor in products such as Revit, adviser to Markforged, Magic Leap, Z Corporation and Vela Systems. He is now reinventing the MCAD paradigm through the web browser, with Onshape.

Hirschtick will look at how far the next generation of modelling tools have come and how they compare with their older desktop forefathers.

By moving to the web you can now access and create designs on any device and now run simulation and manage global teams.

And there’s more….

These are just a handful of the speakers we have on the day. The next generation of modelling tools will feature heavily this year at DEVELOP3D LIVE and we have talks from key technologists within the leading industry developers: PTC, Siemens and Volume Graphics.

Check out our full line up of speakers here.

Exhibtion and networking

DEVELOP3D LIVE works on many levels. It’s great to hear inspiring talks and see what technology is coming down the line. At the same time, there’s nothing like getting your hands on the latest gear.

The event has a vibrant exhibition space filled with software and hardware developers showcasing the latest products. This covers everything from Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, to modelling, model optimisation, analysis and 3D printers.

We’re proud to play host to the most innovative brands in the business.

The exhibition space also doubles up as our social mixer area. Throughout the day tea, coffee and food will be served during breaks. At the end of the day, we will host a networking event for delegates and exhibitors to relax and talk about what has inspired them the most over a beer or a glass of wine.

Check out all the exhibitors here.

What to look forward to at this year’s event

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