You’re fat, and Ford knows it

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Ford Motor Company has today revealed the thinking that went into the design of the new Ford Focus – effectively, “Whoa there big lad!”.

With the car giant going global with its models it’s had to rip up the rulebook on the preconceptions of customer size and height, instead turning to the latest 3D body scanning technology. The results show that we’re getting BIG.

Three years ago 12,000 Germans were scanned by SizeGERMANY. This information was added to the comparable databases of people from China, Japan, North America and South America, creating computerised 3D models of the people with accurate dimensions including height, waist circumference, hip width and leg length.

Ford engineers used this information to make detailed virtual studies of the interior design, looking at the space, comfort and safety of driver and passengers.

“The latest 3D body data directly influenced the development of the seat travel, the cushion shape and the adjustment range of the steering wheel and foot pedals,” said Ralf Nürnberg, Ford’s attribute leader for occupant accommodation.


“Back seat head and leg room also were influenced when we visualised the 3D human models in our computer simulations of the new Focus.

“As well as the broad regional variations, the latest 3D body data also reflects the fact that, on average, the global population is getting taller and heavier, and the new Focus interior takes account of this trend.”

According to scientific studies, the average human height in industrialised parts of the world has increased by around 4 inches (10cm) in the past 150 years due in part to better living conditions and improved diet. This type of historical data can also be used to predict the potentially rapid growth of people from developing countries.

As a result of all this research, 97.5 per cent of the global population will be comfortable behind the wheel of the latest Ford Focus.

You can safely put that diet on hold till after Christmas now…

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