Dell to offer Teradici PCoIP workstation access software on Precision workstations

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Teradici made a name for itself in remote workstations thanks to hardware, both host and client side. The new PCoIP Workstation Access software, which is used instead of a host card, such as this Tera2220, marks a change in direction for the Canadian firm

Dell is expanding the remote access options that are available for its desktop workstations.

It will soon be offering Teradici’s new PCoIP Workstation Access software as a cost option on its Precision workstations.

Dell has worked closely with Teradici over the years and has offered the company’s PCoIP (PC over IP) technology as a hardware-based solution. Here, a Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation card sits inside a workstation and sends pixel data to a zero client that sits on as user’s desk.
Regarded as some of the best performing remote workstation technology, everything is done in dedicated hardware.

Teradici’s new PCoIP Workstation Access Software is designed address the needs of users who need remote workstations access on a more casual basis. This could be on the road, at home or in client meetings. Performance, or perhaps more accurately, user experience, is unlikely to be as good because everything is done in software – both on the host and client.

The software will be offered a cost option on Dell’s Precision desktop workstations. Price has not been confirmed but we believe it will be somewhere in the region of a couple of hundred dollars.


Comparisons are sure to be drawn to HP Remote Graphics Software (RGS) which HP bundles free on all of its HP Z Workstations.

We asked Dell’s Don Maynard for his take on this. “The approach we’ve taken, rather than what HP is doing, is to work with the experts on remote access, which is Teradici who developed the PCoIP protocol,” said Don.

“This is the first of soft-based products that are going to expand in their capabilities over time into more capable offerings. There’s a solid roadmap here that Teradici will share.”

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