Weekender // The Brits Who Designed The Modern World

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El Tel settles in to watch the documentary he features in. Cigars are optional.

With December meaning dark nights, wet weather and present-buying poverty we’ve turned to the telly to give us our weekend’s fix of design culture, with The Brits Who Designed The Modern World.

This BBC Two Artsnight documentary meets and profiles ten great living British designers, to find out what inspires them and explore how they have responded to society’s evolving tastes.

There are some wonderful bits in it, like Kenneth Grange ‘tagging’ the side of one of his iconic train designs, and some insightful points from Mr Apple Jony Ive – and some horrors: Please be warned that Will.I.Am shows up in this documentary for no apparent reason but to try and make an ill fitting comparison between writing a drum loop and doing the full structural engineering of Britain’s talent building…
Stick the kettle on, turn the fire up, and watch this.

Watch The Brits Who Designed The Modern World on BBC iPlayer, here.


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