Weaving new textures for visualisation

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In order to render complex woven textures such as rattan, CIC had to be creative with existing visualisation tools

Having designed its new LG Outdoor collection of furniture, LeisureGrow wanted to capture the pieces in exotic global locations for a marketing campaign without the hassle of dragging a rattan lounge set halfway around the world.

Partnering with agency CIC, the team produced a range of visualisations of the product range and their surroundings, creating a wide range of non-standard modelling and rendering textures and effects along the way.

Working from product samples and photos CIC built up the scenes using Cinema 4D, recreating the ratten weave and woven rope styles with the ‘creative misuse’ of a V-Ray plugin usually reserved for plaited rope.

Assets were modelled from the physical products and photographs


Large panels were built and deformed into shape then joined together using the plug-in, allowing CIC to model some of the items with relative speed, while background assets, such as shrubbery and foliage were painstakingly created.

The scenes were used in A3 print brochure, featuring 15 high resolution images depicting the 2016 furniture ranges.

LeisureGrow managing director Jody Grimmer, said: “This is our first foray into CGI, and we’re impressed with the incredibly detailed images which really do justice to the quality of each furniture piece and every detail of its design.

“The end product gave us the tools we needed to introduce our latest LG Outdoor collection to a key trade audience in a visually engaging and aspirational way.”

The high resolution images formed the basis of the collection brochure

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