WATCH // Sohi’s Ti 3D Printed Skate Trucks Take To The Streets

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Additive manufacturing hits the streets – hard, fast and even from a big drop

Paul Sohi has taken his Autodesk Fusion-360-generatively-designed skate trucks to the skateparks of Fremont with the upstanding folks of Braille Skateboarding.

The video shows the titanium versions of the Shapeways-printed trucks flying around a skatepark – proof that cutting weight with generative design can even impact the world of kick-flips.

Looked at as an exercise in product design then it’s pretty harsh – these things cost over a grand to produce, although they do out-perform most of the kit out there – but as a showcase for what you can do with current design and manufacturing tools (as well as the power of the Cloud) they’re amazing.
Furthermore, as a lesson in taking design, engineering and manufacturing down to the streets as a means of education, this is a great conversation starter.


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