SmartTech3D removes the human from its 3D scanning

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Robotized in an enclosed green light scanning solution

The latest product from SmartTech3D sees automation brought to the fore, with its enclosed robotic light scanning system.

The Robotized solution is aimed at large industrial customers, of which more are looking to minimise to human influence in the inspection process, thereby lowering end-user error.

The unit is self-locating, so the user having placed an objet onto the rotary stage and turned the robotic arm on, can allow the unit to provide a complete 3D scan.

A full report of inspection is issued, which includes all deviations and them visualised in PDF3D. A specially developed plug-in allows the unit to provide 3D scanning as well as inspection directly in Geomagic Control.

The 3D scanning head provides an accuracy of 0.03mm for measurement, with a five megapixel green light scan head, a scan area of 300 x 400mm, and an accepted part weight of 100kg.


The Robotized casing is designed to minimise all external factors, including a shock absorption system and air conditioning, while removing the risk of human contact with the robot.