Ultimaker Cura software adds 3rd-party CAD integration and 3D print farm management

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Ultimaker has announced it is to put software at the heart of its strategy by releasing regular software upgrades that continuously enhance the existing hardware over time, making for a ‘future-ready’ solution for users and businesses.

Ultimaker Cura 3.0, released on 17 October, looks to offer a powerful, no-hassle solution to prepare files for digital fabrication, while promising seamless workflow integration between CAD applications such as SolidWorks and Siemens NX via third-party app integration.

Maintaining the current trend we’re seeing for desktop printer farms, Cura Connect will be released in Ultimaker Cura on 7 November, to enable users to manage an array of Ultimaker 3D printers.

This will create a solution for prototyping, tooling and small-scale production by allowing users to schedule, queue and monitor print jobs for maximise the efficiency of Ultimaker 3D printers.

Paul Heiden, senior VP of product management at Ultimaker, said: “Even customers that bought the very first Ultimaker 3 can benefit from the new software solutions provided in Ultimaker Cura, now, and in the future.

“We are proud to be providing future-ready solutions. Ultimaker Cura opens up the possibility of third party plugin development that ensures seamless workflow integration with industry-standard CAD software to make 3D printing even more accessible.”


Siert Wijnia, founder of Ultimaker continues: “Furthermore, we will continuously develop new applications for our 3D printers, creating an even more integrated solution for our one million Cura users, including professional designers, engineers, researchers, and manufacturers. This will help users get the most out of their Ultimaker 3D printer.”

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