Thermal vision smartphone add-on gives user ‘Predator vision’ for product design

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The FLIR One gives its users the handy power of thermal vision, through detailed infrared images that can show where a heat escapement might be needed in a product casing, the temperature of a 3D print build, or for checking how much heat an electrical connection is giving off.

The iOS/Android compatible device costs £199 and attaches to your smartphone via standard connection, using its MSX Technology merges and extracts detail from thermal images and visible images to create enhanced pictures and videos that reveal what the naked eye can’t see.

In our quick workshop hands-on it’s proved a useful tool for checking the thermal properties of a whole host of things – finding possible leaks in more mechanical products, verifying (roughly) thermal simulation results, finding out where that wintery draught is coming from, and general usefulness in almost any project.

Given there’s a heavy percentage of electronic goods issues caused by thermal issues, it might just help you figure out what’s wrong with your own kit.


On a more fun note: It also lets you hunt down Arnie in the jungle. “Get to tha cho-pah!”