Robox desktop 3D printer gets software upgrade for AutoMaker

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New software for the Robox 3D printer should see better quality prints, as well as a direct link to online parts library MyMiniFactory

Among the swathes of desktop FDM 3D printers on the market, the one that caught our eye last year was CEL’s Robox, with neat design, self-levelling build platform and duel extruder heads.

Since then it has jumped into the crowded market space and seems to be holding its own, but should get an important boost from its latest software upgrade, which takes it from development tool to fully featured software.

Version 1.01 of AutoMaker now comes with an online 3D model library integration, open-source Cura slicing engine, and a host of improvements suggested by community of Robox early adopters – another boost from its crowdfunded beginnings.
AutoMaker also comes out of beta fully integrated with MyMiniFactory, a free web library of 3D-printable objects. Robox owners looking for something to print only have to click on the ‘From Cloud’ button at the bottom of the AutoMaker project screen, and they’ll be able to search MyMiniFactory from within AutoMaker and choose an object to add to their virtual print bed.

The open-source Cura slicing engine, alongside the Slic3r engine present in the early versions of AutoMaker, is perfect for printers with Bowden cables like Robox, and will mean faster, better quality prints.

In the future CEL is anticipating that AutoMaker will be connected to additional online libraries of 3D models in the future, and will run a bespoke slicer engine specifically for Robox, with the current software designed with this in mind.


Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL, commented: “Creating a truly plug-and-print 3D experience is as much about software as hardware. With this release of AutoMaker, the Robox project now offers the most consumer-friendly 3D printing experience on the market.

“We’re already making good on many of the promises we made to our original Kickstarter backers, which is immensely satisfying.

“We’re a challenger that builds all of its products from the ground up, we’re competing with companies that have bought their way into this space, that have very deep pockets – and we’re winning – that’s satisfying too.”