Stratasys seek riches in the jewellery industry

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This bubble ring by Lynne MacLachlan uses a Solidscape lost-wax casting method to create its intricate form

Today has seen the acquisition by Stratasys of lost-wax casting specialists Solidscape in a move that’s hoped to expand the use of rapid prototyping in the jewellery industry.

Solidscape is the go-to rapid prototyping technology of jewellers, with its product providing highly precise parts – ideal for casting intricate rings, pendants and other glamorous items.

Also used in the medical, dental and micro industrial industries, Stratasys slapped a whopping $38million on the table to acquire the New Hampshire-based firm.

Stratasys CEO Scott Crump, said: “Solidscape is a strong, profitable company with an excellent reputation in the markets it serves.

“We believe there is a significant market opportunity to expand its business in the under-penetrated jewellry market and the relatively undeveloped medical, dental and industrial markets.


“Solidscape’s 3D printers are used in the manufacturing process, which is consistent with our strategy to pursue new markets for direct digital manufacturing applications.”

We’ve posted some questions to Stratasys about what they’re planning to do with Solidscape; what this will mean for current users, and if this means lost-wax casting will appear as part of its RedEye on demand 3D printing service. Hopefully we’ll have some answers for you soon.

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