Stratasys investment to allow for new £20m facilities for UK additive metals powder company

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Investment from 3D printing giant Stratasys will enable further development of LPW’s research into traceability in the additive manufacturing supply chain

LPW Technology has received ‘strategic investment’ from Stratasys to develop end to end metal powder solutions for additive manufacturing.

The move further allows for LPW, based in Runcorn, to invest over £20m over the next two years in new facilities to further develop its powder lifecycle management solution, Powderlife.

According to Stratasys VP of Corporate Development, Alon Elie: “LPW’s vision is closely aligned with our goal of bringing 3D printing to production environments through closely integrated solutions, combining materials, software and hardware.
Stratasys, although not producing its own metals 3D printers, is highly active in the sector already via its Stratasys Direct Manufacturing bureaux services.

“As metal 3D printing extends to production environments, issues of quality control, integrated workflows, and process know-how become more critical in the supply chain,” continued Elie.
This investment in LPW is part of our strategic decision to strengthen our knowledge and expertise in metal additive manufacturing.”

Already serving leading OEM and Tier-1 suppliers, LPW offers metal powders for additive manufacturing processes as well as PowderLife, its intelligent powder management system that enables the traceability and management of metal powder batches throughout their lifecycle.


It provides material history tracing and close monitoring to ensure the powders stay within manufacturers’ specifications and meet their stringent production requirements.

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