Spangly new SpaceClaim website – sloppy marketing 101

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Motorola RAZR – probably not designed in SpaceClaim

Looks like SpaceClaim has been spending some more of that VC cash with the web-designers again and there’s a brand new SpaceClaim web-site on the block. I like it, its shiny and has lots of nice things in there.

There are a couple of bits and bobs that aren’t quite right. I love it when people tag that annoying little TM trademark thing after something that really doesn’t need it. Particularly when the company in question, according to a USPTO search, doesn’t even own the trademark (I’d love to stand corrected) or its been owned and abandoned by someone else.

I’m specifically thinking about “Natural 3D design” which was previously owned by Metatools and “Design the way you think” which was owned and abandoned by Ceira Technologies in 2005.

What’s also often interesting is the models that CAD vendors choose to illustrate their web-site, brouchures and such. Perfect example of this are two of the images featured there.

A Motorola RAZR and an Aston Martin. The RAZR is pretty fair game, model something up and use it as a demo. What’s really… Ummm.. what’s the word? Irritating, is the Aston Martin image.


Aston Martin: Not designed by Pininfarina and not designed with SpaceClaim – allegedly

It reads Credit: Bunkspeed/Pininfarina. Unless I’m very much mistaken, Pininfarina had nothing to do with the design of any Aston Martin and certainly not the model shown – and I’d bet the house on the fact that SpaceClaim wasn’t involved. Could it be that this the 3D model that appears in this Youtube video?

A model that was created in SolidWorks, at the turn of the century. And modelling by the talented Mark Biasotti, who was working at IDEO at the time I seem to recall. Guess where he works now? Yes, he works for a company based on Baker Avenue, Concorde, Mass – but it ain’t SpaceClaim.

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