Simsolid adds direct data integration for SolidWorks

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Thanks to a new partnership, Simsolid users are now able to directly access and analyse fully featured SolidWorks geometry for simulation without meshing, thanks to direct data integration.

Every installation of Simsolid now includes a SolidWorks Add-in that provides two methods for data integration. The first is a fast shared memory approach that launches Simsolid from within SolidWorks and passes the active design model through the shared memory pipe.

This method is best when running Simsolid on the same workstation that is running SolidWorks.

A second method integrates the same data but does so using a lightweight Simsolid formatted file; best when passing data between different machines or physical locations.


Both methods integrate the full hierarchical assembly structure, maintaining all part names and subassembly references.

Part topology data along with associated material properties are passed directly to Simsolid, and since geometry simplification is not required, both applications share an identical view of the design, adding speed to structural performance simulations.

“We are excited to add SolidWorks integration to our product,” said Simsolid CEO Ken Welch. “Being able to directly access and analyze fully featured SolidWorks geometry without meshing opens simulation to a whole new group of users and applications.”