Sculpteo expands its 3D printing services using the Cloud

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Online 3D printing bureau Sculpteo has expanded its wares, both for commercial and hobbyist users, with the launch of its new ‘white label’ service for online stores, and a printing app for Apple mobile devices.

Both these services seem to stem from the recent partnership with Dassault Systèmes to help fine-tune the process with the e-tailers, designers, customers, and 3D-printing factories using its cloud-based service, aiming to make the process as easy and intuitive as ‘what PayPal did for online payments’.

Using its Cloud Engine, the ‘white label’ service means businesses and online shops can provide 3D printed goods under their own branding, while integrating the Sculpteo service into their website and for customers to create customised 3D printed objects, with Sculpteo operating ‘behind the scenes’ to take care of the manufacturing and delivery.
To do this, Sculpteo are focusing on sourcing third party production facilities in order to provide a solution for businesses in their own country or region, meaning a greener, faster solution, with benefits for local printer bureaux.
Its Cloud Engine is also behind its new mobile device app – released as “the first ever to transform human data into a 3D printed object via a Smartphone or tablet” using the device’s camera.

Having launched the free Sculpteo App, people take a photograph of themselves or of a friend using their Smartphone; it is then instantly converted into a 3D image in the shape of an object such as a vase.

The image can be transformed into number of other objects such as a bowl, plate, mug made with Sculpteo 3D printing materials – such as the new Sculpteo Ceramic process – which have all been conceived by a collection of international designers brought in to spark some creativity.

The design can be manipulated using a number of tools, such as changing the size, dimensions, colour and material all from the app’s interface, which hopefully means we won’t all be drinking our coffee from mugs with our 3D printed faces on them.


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