Better put a ring on it: Jewellery design and fabrication via the iPad

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As design and manufacture creeps further into the public realm, it is fun to see the launch of iRing3D – an iPad app that lets you design and fabricate rings.

Designed by Paracloud, a company behind professional jewellery CAD software such as Gem, this simplified tool means the user needs no CAD skills.

Simply by sketching the ring with your fingertip, you can control the size and shape, and – most excitingly – upload it directly to online 3D printing service Shapeways to be printed in your choice of materials.

Given that Shapeways offers Stirling Silver parts, essentially this is an opportunity for unique, personal jewellery to order: That’s a ring, conceptualised by a mere mortal with no design knowledge, designed and on their finger in as a real silver piece of jewellery within 15 days.

An iPhone and Android version is soon to follow, while the iPad version is currently available from the iTunes App store for $5.99.


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