Rapitypes works on prototype parts for Triumph Motorcycles

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As an approved supplier, Rapitypes has delivered many prototype components in aluminum alloys, steel and plastics to Triumph Motorcycles. The exhaust collectors featured here were created from the data provided by the engine development team and feature high quality investment casting techniques.

Rapitypes creates the wax masters on their Thermojet layer build RP machine prior to production of the ceramic shells and castings. In this case the accuracy of the cast surfaces meant that no post machining was required, although this service is included with other parts such as engine and gearbox housings and cycle parts.


Triumph’s engine design and development takes place at their Hinckley headquarters where dedicated design teams create the distinctive 3 cylinder, high torque power plants(engines). State of the art CAD design and analysis software is complemented by comprehensive test facilities where engine performance is compared with the theoretical outputs whilst fuelling and exhaust parameters are set for optimal emissions/performance. Chief amongst these is the design of the exhaust systems where the headers, collectors, catalytic converter modules and silencing hardware are carefully honed to satisfy the looks and physical spaces within the chassis whilst complying with the latest legislation on noise and emissions.

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