Autodesk and Authentise collaborate on integrated workflow for Additive Manufacturing

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A new integration between Autodesk’s Netfabb software with Authentise’s additive workflow management tools looks to allow users of Authentise products to load geometries directly into Netfabb with a single press of a button, using Autodesk’s cloud-based Forge developer platform.

Saving files edited in Netfabb back into Authentise is also simplified, so that a seamless additive workflow from quoting, to CAD editing, version control, scheduling, and real-time, data-driven monitoring is now possible.

The integration is available now to customers who subscribe to both Authentise’s Additive Accelerator and any version of Autodesk Netfabb, such as technology engineering company Danfoss, which commented on the launch.

“We are pleased to hear that Authentise and Autodesk are collaborating to create a seamless, integrated additive workflow,” says Werner Stapela, global head of additive design & manufacturing at Danfoss.

“To date, additive manufacturing workflows have included dozens of steps with many unconnected tools. That is not scalable. To address this, we prefer integrating a variety of solutions as it enables choice and competition.”


The news fits as part of Autentise’s strategy to bring the digital thread together and fits into its ‘open approach’.

“Our experience with Danfoss and other customers has highlighted the fragmented process for additive as a real concern,” says Authentic CEO Andre Wegner. “At the same time, engineers worry that if their tools all come from the same company, they won’t get access to the best possible solutions.

“With this integration we have proven you can have your cake and eat it too – use the best tools for the job in a completely seamless workflow.

“While we have proven our open approach with third-party algorithm integrations in the past, this is the first time we are working to craft a joint customer journey. We are proud to be doing so with Autodesk.”

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