Pimped-out soldering iron that could touch up your 3D printer’s errors

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Most 3D printers are going to spit out botched results from time to time, and to perfect the finish of even the best models can be a pain, hence Full Circle Labs has developed a handheld tool to aid users.

The original idea was funded on Kickstarter, with Full Circle Labs formerly known as ‘3D 2.0’ creating the Retouch3D – a handheld, heated tool, like a soldering iron with more versatility – designed specifically for finishing 3D prints.

Now rebranded, the tool has evolved its modular platform with different shaped heated and vibrating heads that can lend themselves to 3D print retouching, wax modelling or accurate temperature soldering.
The interchangeable nature means the company has “identified higher volume and higher value markets beyond 3D printing”, leading to another crowdfunding run as it looks to gain global certification and finalise business development for the new markets.

If you’re interested in investing (they’re offering equity, not products) then you can take a look here.


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