Onshape Update // September brings tabs, fillets and reliefs

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The new variable Fillet command in Onshape

The fine-tuning of Onshape continues apace as the month of September has collated a big group of updates to some of the smaller things in the workflow.

Something as simple as being able to create tabs in sheet metal parts will no doubt enliven someone’s workflow, letting users create multiple tabs with a single feature, then being able to define a subtraction scope for subtracting tabs from other sheet metal parts.

A variable Fillet command now allows users to create a fillet with a variable radius, while sizes for sheet metal corners and bend reliefs can now be specified.
The UI sees some slight tweaks with customisable toolbars in the Part Studio, Assembly, and Feature Studio environments. Additionally, the Note command in Onshape Drawings can now be used to create both a normal Note and a Note with Leader. In the past, these were two separate commands.

Viewing parts gets some additional love, with now being able to show tangent edges in drawing views as ‘Phantom’ edges – particularly useful when the ‘Solid’ display of tangent edges is too much detail – while Section Views in Onshape Drawings will now be cached. This should improve section view performance and lead to a noticeable decrease in load times of drawings with section views.


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