One week on: DEVELOP3D LIVE was a huge success and there’s still more to come

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Seven days later we’re still feeling the effects of DEVELOP3D LIVE: if you came we are so very grateful that you were such informed, polite and knowledgeable people that made it the event it was – 8 hours of furious product design talks, incredible new technology displays and exciting prizes and giveaways.

For those of you that failed to make it or simply found out too late, we’ll have a nice synopsis in the May edition of the magazine (out worryingly soon), but don’t worry, it’ll be back again next year, and there’s more still to come in 2014 from the team.

The photos and videos from this year’s event will be online as soon as we can muster, but for the meantime as a brief farewell to the 2014 show, here are a few highlights that some of you might have missed out on:
– Daniel Simon’s book signing was a marathon six hour slog. We bought up every book in the entire country to have it available for the man to sign on the day, and we ran out of copies of both Timeless Racer and Cosmic Motors…

-…But we might have a couple of signed copies to give away…

– The design of Apple’s iWatch had a very brief ‘blink-and-you’ll-miss-it’ mention during Zero360’s amazing talk about designing new wearable technologies – the team announcing that it is responsible for producing prototypes of Foxconn’s new baby

– 3D Selfies were all the range with Fuel3D scanning several hundred people on the day with its new 3D scanner – we’d love to see yours


– Jon Reilly persevered against all the technology gremlins that could be thrown at him to deliver not only an exciting presentation, but a live modelling session. Even better is that he’s made the model that he designed especially for the show available for you to download free to be 3D printed

– The Stratasys Objet Connex3 is a monster of a 3D printer, although it does have a tidy hideaway cupboard which is useful for storing a bottle of rum…

There was so much more to see and do it was unbelievable what we managed to cram into 8 hours in the West Midlands, so here’s a few of the best Tweets from the day:

If you’ve any you’d care to share, send them to us via Twitter @DEVELOP3DLIVE or hashtag them #D3DLIVE

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