New mould analysis tools – for free

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Simpoe is planning to deliver a basic injection mould filling simulation tool, called “e-Simpoe ” including melt front animation, for free, as a download. It can also be used as a viewer to interact with simulation results performed with any of the commercial Simpoe softwares, whether they are filling, packing, cooling and/or warpage simulation results.

No dates on delivery yet, but with SolidWorks pulling MoldFlowXpress out of SolidWork due to a lack of sales conversions a couple of releases ago, the Autodesk/MoldFlow acquisition at an early stage, there’s a gap in the market for a mould filling tool – while it may not be a fully fledged tool for moulders, facts are that having a simple tool to run designs through, to verify your ‘Design for Manufacture’ related work, makes a lot of sense.

Oh and we’re going to be looking at the SolidWorks integrated tool, SimpoeWorks, in the next issue of DEVELOP3D.

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