Next step for VR leaps into focus with Varjo’s VR-1 HMD

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Designed solely for industrial use, the Varjo VR-1 headset has launched after years of development to give users ‘human-eye’ resolution and eye-tracking capabilities needed to push VR technology further.

Finland-based Varjo’s first headset has a resolution of more than 60 pixels per degree, which is 20X+ higher than any other VR headset currently on the market, as well as integrated eye tracking, enabling high-precision analytics and interaction with human-eye resolution VR content.

The HMD comes ready to supporting the standard VR engines from Unreal and Unity, but in addition Autodesk VRED comes with native integration, while other CAD and visualisation softwares are in the pipeline.
“We are proud to announce the support of Varjo VR-1 for Autodesk VRED software, the leading product visualisation and prototyping application for automotive designers and engineers,” said Autodesk VRED product manager Lukas Fäth.

“Combining the world’s first human-eye resolution VR product with the VRED high-fidelity rendering allows our joint customers to experience and evaluate virtual prototypes with an unprecedented level of detail and realism. This is another great step towards holistic digital product review by enabling proper VR HMI Experiences within the digital prototype of a vehicle.”

David Weinstein, director of VR at Nvidia, added that the close relationship between it and Varjo meant that the VR-1 makes the most out of its RTX GPUs – the headset working with the GTX 1080, GTX 2080 and latest Quadro graphics cards.

Sales of the VR-1 begin today across 34 countries, with each headset retailing at $5,995 with an additional annual service license of $995.


Varjo has raised a total of $46M in funding to start production and global shipping of the VR-1, in cooperation with the world’s leading Original Device Manufacturing partner, Flex.

Later this year, Varjo will introduce a Mixed Reality Add-on to the VR-1, enabling seamless transition between real, virtual and augmented content.

We’ll have a full, hands-on First Look feature in the March issue.

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