New super-clean powders for additive manufacturing get UK government backing

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LPW Technology, a manufacturer of powders for metals 3D printing, has been awarded government funding to develop its new super-clean materials for additive manufacturing.

The funds will drive the development of super-clean powders of novel composition made using non-conventional powder production processes, which will enable the sustainable use of AM in a wide range of critical and demanding applications.

The focus is clearly on developing new technologies with customer collaboration, to create innovative technologies, products and research in the aerospace, automotive, medical, defence, and tooling sectors.
LPW will receive support totalling £3 million from the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative.

As a result of the funding up to 137 new jobs will be created, and 30 existing roles safeguarded, while a dedicated facility to accommodate new equipment will be built.

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