New quality management software for 3D printing powders

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LPW is attempting to tackle the rigorous traceability requirements of the medical and aerospace industries

LPW Technology has released new Powdersolve software as part of its quality management system for metals 3D printing powders.

Powdersolve is part of LPW Technology’s Total Powder Management (TPM) set-up for metals 3D printing, beginning with LPW supplying the virgin metal powder, carefully monitoring it during reuse within the machine, all the way through to scrapping and disposal.

The aim is to combat the challenges faced by the medical and aerospace industries with rigorous traceability requirements, storing all activities and processing of the powder in a controlled manner, with all activities being logged and any changes to data being recorded.
The system claims to offers full traceability of the powder’s history with regards to when the powder was blended, who blended the powder and the percentages of the batches that were blended.

Developed to be a standalone software solution, giving an inventory of powders and their locations as well as logging machine usage and availability, Powdersolve can also be customised to link in with established QMS and ERP systems.


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