New pro 3D print model fixer utilising MachineWorks Polygonica

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LimitState has unveiled its new STL fixer as a ‘one click automatic fix’ solution for professionals

Sheffield’s LimitState software has released its new application, LimitState:Fix, which sets out to simplify the process of preparing 3D models for printing in a professional services.

Although we’re used with seeing such tools for consumer printers being launched on an almost weekly basis, new tools for the professional that can rival Materialise Magic’s dominance of the market are seemingly on the rise.

LimitState has used MachineWorks’ Polygonica technology, providing a “one click automatic fix solution” for 3D STL files, closing solids, fixing polygon orientation, removing self-intersections and noise shells, and ensuring the geometry is manifold, enabling them to be printed.

The tool is being aimed at 3D printing bureaux. This is partly as they spend much of their time fixing client STL files, but also because they’re most likely to cough up the £2,999 per user for a perpetual license. For small design and engineering firms and end users it is £499 per user. How this is going to be marshalled is anyone’s guess, but those that have been trialling it at least seem to be happy.

“LimitState:Fix shows just how much scope there is for enhancing 3D software using our technology,” commented Polygonica marketing manager Cristina Sesma. “Users can fix so many problems so fast with this software that it’s a game changer for busy 3D printers, whether they are bureaux, engineers or designers. We’ve got 20 years of experience in 3D engineering and manufacturing software and it’s great to bring this technology into the mainstream 3D printing market.”


A free demo of the software is available which fixes models but which does not allow files to be saved for subsequent printing. It can be downloaded here.

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