New era of marketing has product designers at the heart of it

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Matter’s award winning design for Cujo protects devices on a network from hacks

While the stampede of Chinese marketing behemoths snapping-up established design agencies (à la FuseProject) never quite arrived, the trend is lingering, most notably with the recent acquisition of product design agency Matter Global by marketing giant Accenture Interactive.

Experiences. Breakthrough Digital Services. A human-centered approach with robust methodology… Marketing speak might seem a eon away from the tangible nuts and bolts of product design, but they might well be coming for your company next.

As the lines blur between physical and digital worlds, so do the means of selling an idea, ideal or product.

Baiju Shah, Accenture Interactive MD and its design operation Fjord’s co-lead, says: “As digital is increasingly embedded in the physical world, brands are coming to us to create connected experiences that capitalise on the potential of the union of digital and physical realms.

“Matter allows us to fully address our clients’ needs to connect their physical products and experiences with digital services, furthering our ambition to improve the full human experience with brands.”


There’s no doubt that Fjord, with 25 studios across five continents and 1,000+ employees, is now better positioned to help its Fortune 500 clients transform for the digital world by pulling in physical design knowledge into to the heart of their innovation.

Matter positioned itself from the off as an agency willing to push into new technologies including IoT connectivity and wearables – from household brands including Intel, Samsung and Sonos, to startup dog bowls.

This adaptability for the digital world has made it an obvious choice for marketing agencies looking to future proof their own innovation pools. Don’t expect it to be the last,

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