Letting the right powder flow for metals 3D printing

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The Powderflow kit should help define whether any problems are material or machine related

Supplier of materials for metals 3D printing, LPW Technology, has launched a new powder management product line called Powderflow to help avoid powder problems.

The Powderflow kit is a comprehensive flow measurement kit, which allows users to characterise the powder flow to known ASTM certified standards.

With its extensive experience, LPW are aware that some may confuse machine problems with powder problems and vice versa, resulting in significant time and cost being wasted before a fault is found, therefore Powderflow has been developed to combat such issues and reduce overall down time.
Delivered in its robust case, once set up it allows users to determine the following: Apparent Density ASTM B212, Angle of Repose, Hall Flow ASTM B213 and Carney Flow ASTM B964.

Already working with many aerospace, biomedical and automotive companies, providing optimised metal powders, the aim is to apply their insight and expertise to provide a Total Powder Management solution.

LPW commercial director Phil Kilburn, said: “LPW has produced this comprehensive kit to enable its customers to monitor the health of the powder they are using in their additive manufacturing processes, quickly, simply and cost effectively. I’m sure all users of metal powders will find the Powdeflow kit a useful addition to their testing regime.”


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