Netfabb 2019 adds powerful updates for simulation and latticing

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Autodesk Netfabb 2019 adds more updates to its most powerful tools

The latest release of Autodesk’s 3D printing-focussed software Netfabb has added updates to two of its most powerful features: simulation and latticing, in addition to new features focused on improved productivity.

Cloud based, multi-scale, metal powder bed process simulation is now available on the Cloud for Netfabb subscribers beginning at the Premium tier.

The cloud credit cost for a PRM file is fixed, but part-scale simulation is dependent upon the complexity of the user’s parts; when a simulation is submitted the user receives a quote price for the simulation cloud credit cost and have the ability to proceed or stop.

2019 sees increased lattice generation functionality


Latticing is another functionality in Netfabb with new ease of use, while manual latticing is available to customers subscribing at the Premium tier, meaning users can save on material costs or lightweight a part.

Other improvements include a ‘Re-play’ function, allowing the user to change geometry after a support strategy is finalised, with the manual or script-based supports re-generating to support the new structure.

Supports can now be deleted by criteria in Netfabb – saving on manual individual removal.

Additionally, now once a file is loaded to cloud storage a simple browser-based link means that anyone you share it with can view your files and mark-up comments.

For those with a suit of 3D printers, a new My Machines workspace aims to streamline the process by defining only the machines that you have access to, while letting you categorise machines by functions and assign repair or support scripts accordingly.

Netfabb 2019 also includes a new workspace for the DMG Mori Lasertec 30 and features updated Formlabs Form2 integration, giving direct access to the Form2 3D printer from Netfabb.

The full list of updates can be found online here.

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