Mcor looks to extend reach of 3D printing in schools by giving away consumables

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Cheap materials mean more design iterations for students, and fewer headaches for teachers managing costs

Mcor is offering three years of free IRIS 3D printer consumables to US schools if they purchase a Mcor IRIS 3D printer education package before 15 December.

“To be effective in education, 3D printing must be accessible to all students,” said Dr. Conor MacCormack, co-founder and CEO of Mcor Technologies. “Yet, the high cost of 3D printer consumables can severely limit students’ access to 3D printing technology and be prohibitively expensive for schools. This offer enables students much wider access to our breakthrough full color, professional, paper-based 3D printers.”

It’s fair to say they have a point, the education market has rushed to bring 3D printing in house, but the associated costs are often an afterthought.
Schools often often only factor in the cost of the machine, while important factors such as materials and servicing are overlooked, leaving schools with a white elephant in the classroom.

In terms of proving concepts, building functional models and using readily available materials, the deal could mean more US schools with active machines, and students learning more through the ability to cheaply iterate designs rather than teachers having to worry about materials usages.


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